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Kingston 64GB Wi-Drive for Amazon Kindle Fire announced: Full Android app incoming?

Kingston’s Wi-Drive is an external storage accessory that’s already available for iOS devices. In a nutshell it’s a portable hard drive with a Wi-Fi antenna that allows you to expand the storage capabilities of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Who needs a microSD slot?

There are 16GB and 32GB Wi-Drives available and there’s a 64GB-er in the pipeline too. You simply connect your Wi-Drive unit to your computer, drag and drop files into the folder, hit sync and then it’s ready to go. When you turn the Wi-Drive on, your iOS device will be able to connect to it from the Wi-Fi menu and access pictures, music files, videos and other files from here.

When you click on a file to open, you’ll be given an option to choose which app to open the file in if it’s a PDF or something. Check out Kingston’s video below to see how it all works.

It’s a pretty neat service we think you’ll agree. The good news is that it’s been announced for the Amazon Kindle Fire as well, prompted by the enthusiastic reception of the Amazon tab.

“Since its debut, Kingston Wi-Drive has been a success with Apple mobile device users. As more consumers adopt Kindle Fire as their mobile device for personal media consumption, we are proud to help this new segment of users store and share photos, videos, music and much more,” says Andrew Ewing, Flash memory business manager at Kingston. “The combination of the app update, higher capacity and Kindle Fire support makes Wi-Drive the perfect wireless storage solution for mobile users.”

Wi-Drive when you can memory card?

The Kingston Wi-Drive apps are available to download now from the Amazon Appstore as well as the iTunes App Store. iPhones and iPads running iOS 4.3 or higher can now stream AirPlay content – i.e. music, pictures and videos – from their Wi-Drives with the latest version of the app. Good stuff.

This Kindle Fire news however makes us hopeful for wider support of Android devices. There’s a beta version of the Kingston Wi-Drive app in the Android Market now. It’s looking very tablet-centric at the moment in terms of support.

This hasn’t stopped some people with Android phones experimenting with some success; it won’t work on every phone though. Then again, you’ve always got the option to slamming in a meaty memory card into your phone, provided you’ve got a slot for one. Prospective Sony Xperia S buyers might want to keep an eye on this…

Source: YouTube via Business Wire


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