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Last minute Christmas present ideas

Christmas is only two days away and if you are stumped for inspiration about what present too get for your loved loved ones this year, or you just don’t have time to shop, here are a few ideas. We’ve picked products you can buy in store or that offer next-day delivery – if you don’t mind paying a bit extra.

Under £100

Alcatel OT 355

If your sister needs a handset for keeping in touch via text and making phone calls, this very stylish white number fits the bill. There’s mp3 player, FM radio and camera, although don’t expect great quality photos, but at this price the OT 355 is a fine for the basics.

Carphone Warehouse: £19.99

Orange: £14.99 plus £10 top-up from Orange



JVC Gumy in-ear headphones

Headphones that come with smartphones aren’t usually smart are stylish. So at under £10 and in a range of colours, these in-ear headphones are a great stocking filler.  They’re also readily available on the high street.

Argos: £7.95


Sony Ericsson TXT
If Internet access is important, the Sony Ericsson TXT includes built-in WiFi, for getting online at home or on a hotspot.
Equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard for the messaging addict, Sony Ericsson’s budget handset includes Facebook and Twitter shortcuts. There’s a 3.2-megapixel camera and music player on-board too.

Virgin Mobile: £69.99, with £10 airtime, £15 top-up gets you unlimited texts and 1GB Mobile Internet

Tesco: £69.97, with £10 top-up  



Amazon Kindle


For many people, a Kindle is the first step towards a tablet. OK, there are no apps and the browser is ‘experimental,’ but investing in Amazon’s eBook reader is for many, the first step to investing in digital.
There are loads of reasons why the Kindle is the best selling product on Amazon. The latest version is smaller than ever making it exceptionally easy to carry, yet has space for 1400 books, which can be downloaded to your device in less than 60 seconds and you can adjust the size on the 6-inch screen.

Amazon: £89



Logitech S715i

For swapping between university and home a portable speaker dock means you can take your music anywhere. As well as charging your iPhone, eight custom-tuned speakers to produce a balanced sound. The S715i comes with a carry case and the battery lasts eight hours.

Amazon: £64.95


Under £200

Pure Contour

British company Pure has a pedigree with DAB radios, but the Contour is the company’s first attempt at a high-end iPod dock. As well as pumping tunes through the 36W RMS speakers from your iPhone, includes a DAB radio and WiFi lets you stream thousands of internet radio stations.
From the crescent-shaped centre to the touch-sensitive buttons Contour for is fantastic value.

John Lewis: £139

Amazon: £155 


Sennheiser HD-25-II Adidas Originals

Sennheiser HD-25 on-ear headphones are the choice of DJs around the world, this limited edition original version adds a bit of Adidas branding. As well as being extremely rugged, they’re lightweight enough to wear for long periods of time and sound quality is fantastic, through your smartphone.

Apple Store: £199, or if you’re not a fan of the Adidas stripes get a black version from Amazon £163





BlackBerry Bold 9900 (white)

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 was one of our favourite smartphones of 2011 and makes a fantastic gift for anyone whose priority is sending text messages, mails and browsing the web. The white version looks stunning and stands out for a sea of black handsets.
With a full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen, whether your mum prefers a touchscreen or solid keys, it offers the best of both worlds. There’s also a 5-megapixel camera for taking snaps out and about and if sign up before January 6th, you get a six months trial of BlackBerry music and 50 free downloads.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Deals   


Apple iPad 2
Wafer thin, with a great screen, fast and an amazing selection of apps, the second-generation iPad is the best tablet on the market at the moment.
If you just wants to play games and watch movies at home, or is happy to download them to the tablet, we’d suggest the WiFi-only version which starts at £399 for 16GB, if he wants to use it as a business tool and requires on-the-go connectivity, opt for the WiFi + 3G version from £499.

Apple store- £399/£499 is offering free engraving and the Reserve and Pick Up service, lets you order online and pick it up from the nearest Apple store.




HTC Rhyme

It’s rare to find a phone that manages to combine style with performance, but with it’s aluminium plum body and powerful 1Ghz processor, the HTC Rhyme is one such phones.
Running Google’s Android Gingerbread operating system, there are multiple touchscreens you can customise with apps like Angry Birds and Widgets like Twitter.

The HTC Rhyme O2 exclusive, free on contracts from £24 a month of £349.99 sim free

HTC Rhyme Deals  

Run out of time?

Many companies will email gift vouchers including Firebox and Amazon, which also offers a print-your-own facility.


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