All Sections apps for iOS, Android updated: Finally! A pause button! Plus other stuff

Having a pause button on apps is like having portrait-oriented Qwertys on Symbian phones – in other words, a godsend that we wish we’d had earlier and don’t quite get why we didn’t.

Anyway, that’s all in the past. You can now pause your favourite tracks on for whatever reason. Brilliant! If the cat knocks over something and makes a mess, or you need to take the washing out, whatever. It’s ok you can pause now!

This feature is currently available on the iPhone and Android- the Windows Phone 7 edition of the app is due to get this functionality in a future update.

As well as adding a shiny new pause button, the new apps integrate with your friends’ profile, giving you updates on what everyone else has been listening to recently as well as upcoming concert info.

The little red ‘on tour’ ribbon in the corner will display if whoever your listening to is playing any gigs anytime soon. From there you can click through to see where and when they’re playing .etc.

You can download the apps for free where you’ll get free access to 50 songs – after which you’ll have to subscribe. Subscriptions for the iPhone and Android apps still work out at £3 a month for unlimited listening. You can hand over the cash via PayPal here.

The Windows Phone 7 app however is to remain free in the UK for the foreseeable future.


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