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Latest HTC Windows Phone 7 leak has slide-out speaker

Do you hate slide-out Qwerty keyboards? Do you love sound? You’ll be in raptures over the latest HTC Windows Phone 7 handset leak then.

The HTC T8788 (we imagine they’ll change the name to something more in line with their current lineup – the HTC Splendiferous or something) forgoes the Qwerty in favour of a pure touchscreen with slide-out speaker.

A slide-out speaker! Who’d have thunk? It’s not something that we’ve ever really lusted after in a handset, we’d probably use headphones while out and about and at home – well, at home we’d use a TV or a computer or a proper speaker dock. Still, to each their own. As well as the slide-out speaker, the HTC T8788 offers a handy kickstand ’round the back, which makes it clearly intended for the multimedia-loving among us.

[source: Engadget]


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