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Latest version of Facebook for Android allows you to tag mates in updates

We now eagerly look forwards to the next update of the Facebook for Android app.

Each version brings with it a couple of neat little features that makes us go ‘cool, can’t believe we managed to live without this! How on earth did we manage before smartphones and Facebook?’ Or something.

In version 1.5.3 you can now tag friends in status updates by doing the same Twitteresque thing that you do on desktop Facebook, i.e. type something like ‘Having pints with @Mat Smith and @Hunter Skipworth’ or something.

Also added is a new Find Friends feature. This has a look at your contacts and then searches for any missing Facebook profiles, if you’ve not already friended them. Basically a nifty way of searching for/stalking up someone on Facebook.

If you’re running Android 2.2+ and above and you’ve got auto-updating going on then you should be able to do this right away. If not, head over to the Android Market on your phone or follow the link below on your desktop.

In future updates we’d love to be able to tag people’s photos from our phones and upload more than one pic at a time.


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