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BB10 OS user interface gesture tutorial videos leak

We might have had the unfortunate news that BlackBerry fans will now have to wait until next year to taste the new BB10 OS, but we’ve come into possession of some key videos in the meantime, featuring fundamental gesture-based navigation elements of the operating system’s new user interface.

The videos themselves come courtesy of BlackBerryItalia who appear to have access to a developmental device or very early hardware sample of the upcoming L-Series: the all-touchscreen variant set to act as the debut device for BB10 OS.

BlackBerry OS 10 UI gesture demo

The device itself is blurred out making it impossible to determine any notable features, as is the name within the videos which make mention of the device directly, but the interface itself looks slick and significantly different to anything we’ve seen before.

The videos demonstrate key interface actions such as checking notifications, unlocking the device, launching apps and app switching much like the tutorial startup videos we’re used to seeing from older BlackBerry handsets. Hopefully the fact that these videos are emerging now provide us with more signals that BlackBerry are determined to get this significant OS release out in the market in a fully finished form.







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