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Hands-on Lenovo P2 UK review: Moto G4 killer?

Hands-on Lenovo P2 Review: The Lenovo P2 costs just £199 in the UK, yet offers a sleek metallic design, fingerprint sensor, feature-packed 13-megapixel camera and an absolutely massive 5010mAh battery. Here’s our hands-on Lenovo P2 review and full unboxing, giving you a closer look at the phone and some of its best features.

Even though it’s only January, the Lenovo P2 is already looking like one of the best value phones of 2017. Fair enough, we’ve seen some fantastic smartphones around the £200 mark these past few months, such as the Moto G4 Plus, Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus and Blu Vivo 6. But the Lenovo P2 has really impressed us with its smart metal frame, packing the kind of premium features that are perfect for more demanding consumers.

Here’s our hands-on Lenovo P2 review, so you know what to expect from this great budget blower. Stay tuned for our in-depth P2 review.

Hands-on Lenovo P2 Review: Specs

Phone Lenovo P2
Weight 177g
Screen size 5.5-inches
Screen resolution 1920×1080
Fingerprint sensor? Yes
OS Android 6.0
Processor Snapdragon 625
Memory 4GB
Storage 32GB
microSD? Yes
Battery 5100mAh
Rear camera 13MP
Front camera 5MP

Hands-on Lenovo P2 Review: Unboxing and first thoughts

The Lenovo P2 sports a more premium finish than many phones at this price point, with a full metal jacket that’s both solid and attractive. Despite rocking a mighty 5.5-inch panel, the P2 isn’t too bulky either. That’s mostly thanks to those reasonably narrow bezels – and perhaps we’re just a little bit used to handsets this size now.

Underneath that crisp and colourful AMOLED screen you get a powerfully fast and responsive fingerprint sensor. This can be used to unlock the Lenovo P2, pretty much the instant you touch your finger to the sensor. Gesture support is built in too, so for instance you can hold your finger on the surface to bring up your most recently used apps.

A Snapdragon 625 processor provides reasonably smooth everyday performance, helped in large part by the 4GB of built-in RAM. You also get 32GB of storage space, expandable via microSD. Alternatively, if you don’t slip a memory card inside the Lenovo P2, you can use a second SIM instead.

That 13-megapixel rear camera is packed with features including slow-mo and timelapse video modes. You can even shoot up to 4K Ultra HD footage, if you have some way of watching it back. Phase Detection Autofocus is on-board, so the lens snaps onto your subject nice and quick and keeps it sharp.

Check out our unboxing and hands-on Lenovo P2 review video below for a closer look at the phone and its features, including the 13-megapixel camera.

So, is the Lenovo P2 as good as the Moto G4 Plus, which came out last year? Here’s our full Lenovo P2 vs Moto G4 comparison video so you can see how the two phones stack up.

Hands-on Lenovo P2 Review: UK price and release date

The Lenovo P2 can be picked up from today in the UK, for £199 SIM-free. Three is the exclusive UK network for stock, and you can grab the Lenovo P2 from £23 per month for 1GB of data.


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