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Hate phone keyboards? This Lenovo projector phone could be the answer.

Lenovo has unveiled a futuristic smartphone which comes packing a laser projector, allowing you to turn virtually any surface into a touchscreen.

We’ve all seen projector-toting smartphones before (hey there Samsung Galaxy Beam, whatever happened to you?), but Lenovo’s newest concept is a cut above anything we’ve clapped eyes on to date. It’s called the Lenovo Smart Cast and it comes kitted out with a laser projector which is able to beam a touchscreen on to whatever surface it’s aimed at.

The Smart Cast projection can therefore be used as a fully-functioning keyboard, complete with gesture recognition, multitouch and swipe-typing, all on a grander (and far easier to use) scale.

Lenovo’s innovations don’t end there, however. The device can also project conventional stuff, like movies, TV shows, apps and games, in any direction, as the projector can be rotated. So when you’re not knocking out that novel you’ve always meant to write on your projected keyboard, you can kick back with the family and take in the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers or play Crossy Road on your desktop.

While the possibilities for a device with laser projection tech are fairly limitless, so too is the potential for annoyance. It’s bad enough being stuck on public transport and forced to endure people’s favourite music via their device’s loudspeaker, but the idea of being subjected to Mrs Brown’s Boys projected onto public space is something that gets us rather angry.

Then of course there’s the question of battery life. We wouldn’t be surpised if the projector saps the phone’s power faster than a non-stop Asphalt session, meaning you’ll need to lug around a portable charger with you.

Cynicism aside, little is known of what’s inside the device besides the unique projector technology. All we know for certain is that the Smart Cast is small, iPhone-like and runs Android.

The device is only a concept at the moment and Lenovo hasn’t stated whether it will even make it on to the street, but we’re quietly hopeful owing to the company’s track record of pushing out unique devices that other manufacturers wouldn’t even try.


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