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LG Cloud beta offers 50GB for users in Korea and the US

With Google Drive throwing its two cents into the ever-increasing number of cloud services available and the likes of HTC (with its Dropbox partnership) and Samsung with the upcoming S-Cloud service, you’d think it was becoming a legal requirement for mobile manufacturers to provide cloud storage solutions.

LG are the latest company to officially reveal such a service. Imaginatively dubbed ‘LG Cloud’, the service is currently undergoing its public beta, available to users in both the US and LG’s homeland, South Korea.
One of the key differentiating features is the initial storage allowance users will receive.

LG Cloud screen

HTC users taking up the Dropbox partnership deal receive a sizeable 25GB of free user storage for two years, whilst LG Cloud offers a mammoth 50GBs of free storage, the limiting factor being that the ‘free’ element will only count for six months. Outside of the 50GB window, users who continue to use the service on free terms will be downgraded to 5GBs, unless they use the application on a non-LG device, in which case they’ll receive a meagre 2GB.

What’s interesting is LG’s ideals behind their cloud ecosystem. Not only will LG Cloud serve as a storage solution, but videos transcode mid-upload for bandwidth optimisation and any 3D content uploaded from a device (e.g. LG Optimus 3D), will be available for streaming on an LG 3D TV.

As it stands the LG Cloud app is available for Android devices running 2.2 and up and a Windows PC client is available for both Windows XP and Windows 7 users. If you’re in a position to test it out, let us know what you think.


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