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LG Cookie Review


The LG Cookie is the first handset to offer an affordable touchscreen experience. The LG Cookie costs around £100 SIM-free and is also available for free on a monthly contract.

What we like
The LG Cookie looks and feels like a mid-range handset but costs a lot less than other touchscreen phones such as the LG Viewty. A simple touchscreen interface guides you through all of the Cookie’s features and you can customise the home screen with your favourite widgets. On our test model we placed the music player icon on the home screen, for example, so that we could access music very quickly. The music player supports all of the major file formats such as MP3, AAC (and its variants) and WMA files. The camera copes well in good lighting conditions.

What we don’t like
There’s no 3G or Wi-Fi and no GPS, which renders the touchscreen slightly pointless in our opinion. The touchscreen isn’t that fantastic either because it’s resistive rather than capacitive meaning that it requires pressure. Scrolling through menu options isn’t always smooth as we’d like it to be and after a while you may find it a bit irritating. Texting using the on-screen keypad works ok but we wouldn’t really bother with the handwriting recognition as we found it to be quite slow and clunky.

This isn’t an iPhone but then it’s not trying to be. This is a simple, affordable touchscreen phone but LG has had to make plenty of sacrifices to bring the price down. If you’re desperate for a touchscreen phone and aren’t really looking for features then this is great but if you want an iPhone-like experience then we’d suggest looking elsewhere.




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