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LG deny claims of Windows Phone abandonment

Yesterday LG’s name was on the lips of many a mobile site, with word of their plans to abandon any further development of devices running on Microsoft’s mobile platform, Windows Phone making headlines.

The legitimate reasoning behind any possible abandonment being the poor uptake of devices running the OS, especially from LG who only have two notable phones on the market (we’re excluding the LG Jil Sander as it’s simply a design refresh of the Optimus 7).

LG Optimus 7

That being said, LG noticed the stories of this rather significant announcement and swiftly released a statement to prevent further hearsay from spreading. The company refute any claims that they were planning to cease development of Windows Phone devices and in fact state quite the opposite. A representative of LG in Korea told

“Regardless of which OS, LG is committed to offering consumers as wide a choice as possible.”

The company haven’t released an original WP device since October 2010, around the same time as the launch of the OS itself. The Jil Sander was a fashion tie in device which re-packaged the internals of the Optimus 7, the only LG Windows Phone in the UK, (the US have a QWERTY slider known as the Quantum). Since the position Nokia have placed themselves in with Microsoft helps strengthen their Lumia brand and Samsung and HTC both confirming that they will be announcing new Windows Phone devices following the Apollo update later this year, the gap between manufacturers of WP devices is widening.

LG have spent a lot of time on their Android handsets in recent months, with the Optimus 4X HD, the 3D Max and three L-Series devices making an appearance at MWC. The company’s spokesperson may have optimism that they’re not out of the Windows Phone game yet, but from where we’re standing, they already have a lot of catching up to do.


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