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LG Display CEO: iPad and non-Apple phones to get retina displays

Yet more whispers of the iPad’s third iteration and the possibility of a large retina screen. This time it comes from LG’s Display CEO, talking to the Korean Times.

Discussing how Samsung was being misleading (LG and Sammy are bitter rivals) the CEO Kwon Young-soo said that LG would continue to make its retina display, like that found in iPhones and iPads, for other smartphone manufacturers.

Earlier this week, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber – often known to have the inside scoop on Apple’s machinations-muttered about how low-resolution magazine apps would fail on a newer, sharper iPad.

Another Korean Times report last week also suggested Apple were already testing high-resolution LCD screens from Samsung and LG.

We’d love the idea of an eye-bleedingly sharp retina display on our iPad – imagine a magazine or newspaper rendered on that touchscreen – we wonder how Apple will manage to squeeze out a respectable battery life.


Via: 9to5Mac


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