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LG Fantasy: Windows Phone Mango phone poses for photos in the wild

Unannounced and hitherto unseen in the wild, pictures of what’s being called the LG Fantasy have surfaced.

Papped by an XDA forum member who snapped it up “from a tester developer in Romania,” the LG Fantasy looks nice enough – it is running Windows Phone 7.

Owing to the blurry quality of the snaps its hard to get a good idea of how its exteriors shape up. We particularly love the ‘NOT FOR SALE’ emblazoned across the bottom of the unit, especially considering how we came about getting hold of these images.

There’s not much in the way of specs, though it looks like the numbers on the camera unit read 5-megapixels on that third image. Though thanks to the blurrycam action, this could just as easily be 8-megapixels.

The former is a given, keeping in line with Microsoft’s stringent minimum requirements for Windows Phone phones, but we’d like to see something with a bit more beef to compete with HTC’s mighty Titan.

No word yet on whether that screen will feature IPS or NOVA technology; we’d love to see a 4.3-inch NOVA screen on the LG Fantasy. All we can do til now is sit and wait for the official announcement. If this Fantasy doesn’t become a reality at CES, we’d very much expect it to at MWC in 2012.

Source: XDA via Unwired View, WMPowerUser