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LG launches G Flex 2 ‘flexible’ phone at CES 2015

LG has shown off an unexpected follow-up to last year’s G Flex smartphone in Las Vegas, sporting premium specs but a very similar design.

Chances are you’ve never seen one in the wild, but the LG G Flex caused a bit of a furore when it launched last year. This curvy phone was one of the first to sport a bent display, which sounds really cool although proved a little pointless in real life. And while it was a little flexible as the name suggests, the actual bendiness was limited to just about being able to flatten it out, with some creaking along the way.

So we’re surprised to see a new G Flex phone launched at LG’s CES 2015 press conference. The LG G Flex 2 rocks a very similar design to the original, complete with the self-healing back that can recover from minor scratches. However, the 6-inch screen has been reduced to a 5.5-incher, just like the LG G3, which is a welcome change considering the G Flex’s bulk. LG also claims that the body and screen are tougher than before, able to tolerate more twisting and battering.

A new spiral finish looks admittedly slick and we like the bold red finish which is one of the two colour choices (along with silver).

Not much has changed in terms of the phone’s USP and we’re still sceptical on the point of that curved design, as it seems to be a case of LG throwing innovation at the consumer for the sake of it – even if it’s claimed that the bendy body makes the phone more comfortable to hold and use. However, there’s no arguing with the excellent specs of the G Flex 2.

A 64-bit 2GHz Snapdragon 810 processor should make the G Flex 2 one of the most powerful mobiles around, able to handle 4K streaming and recording as well as gaming. That 5.5-inch screen is now a Full HD 1080p panel and there’s a 13-megapixel camera rocking Optical Image Stabilisation, for blur and shake-free photos and videos, plus a laser-guided focus.

Finally, there’s a 2.1-megapixel front facing camera, complete with the awesome fist-pump selfie gesture from the G3. Rounding up the G Flex 2’s specs are 4G support and a 3000mAh battery that can charge to 50% in just 38 minutes, while Android Lollipop is the OS of choice.

You should be able to pick the G Flex 2 up in Q1 2015 in the UK although price is so far unknown. Personally, we think the G Flex 2 will simply get us craving the upcoming LG G4 all the harder – here’s hoping that bad boy is launched at MWC in March.


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