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Pictures of LG’s curved smartphone have leaked in the wake of the Galaxy Round

Samsung beat LG to the punch with its curved display smartphone – the Galaxy Round – but LG’s attempt may make a little bit more sense. Engadget has scored press renders of LG’s upcoming handset, reportedly called the G Flex.

According to the site, LG’s handset will indeed have a large 6-inch display, but other specifications weren’t alluded to. LG has opted for a different kind of curve, though. Whereas Samsung’s phone was curved on the horizontal axis, the G Flex will instead be bent along the vertical.

It definitely looks more appealing, but we’ll still have to see what kind of practical benefits a curved display will bring. There’s no word on pricing or availability for the G Flex, but Engadget says that the phone will be officially announced “sometime next month”.


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