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LG will reportedly launch a curved display smartphone in November

Reports over the past year have indicated that LG and Samsung are both working on smartphones with flexible displays, and now details have emerged of LG’s device. CNET reports that the company will release a handset called the G Flex before the end of the year, featuring a 6-inch curved plastic OLED display.

That doesn’t mean that the phone itself will be flexible, however. The screen will reportedly feature a significant curve that will be locked in place. CNET believes that the curved display will be “dramatic enough to comfortably fit around your face but not so angular that it looks weird.” LG has been tipped to announce the G Flex in November, but the plans haven’t been finalized yet.

Samsung is also working on a smartphone of its own that includes a curved display. A representative for the company said that Samsung intends to release such a phone in South Korea in October, but didn’t reveal further details.


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