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LG G Flex Tips & Tricks

Our full how-to guide for staying productive and entertained on the curvy LG G Flex

LG’s G Flex is the world’s first curved smartphone, and it’s also crammed full of awesome hidden features that you possibly didn’t know existed. Here’s our full tips & tricks guide to getting the most from the LG G Flex…

LG G Flex how-to tips & tricks guide


Stay productive with multi-tasking

One of the best uses for the LG G Flex’s spacious six-inch screen, besides catching up on episodes of Don’t Tell The Bride, is the excellent mobile multi-tasking abilities. You can open up two apps in moveable, resizable windows using the QSlide feature, found in the notifications tab.

LG G Flex tips n tricks how to guide

1. Drag down the notifications tab by swiping your finger down from the very top of the screen.

2. Now simply tap the apps you want to run simultaneously, and they’ll appear in separate windows on the desktop. These can be dragged around by touching the header, or resized by touching the bottom right corner.

3. If you want to run them on top of each other, the handy slider at the top of each window can be used to fade them in and out – so for instance, you can run a faded video full-screen in the background, while you check your emails.

The only problem with QSide is the limited number of supported apps. Thankfully there’s a simple way to quickly multi-task with any two apps: Just hold down the back button at the bottom of the desktop and a new menu will pop up. Select the pair of apps you want, and they’ll share the screen 50-50. You can devote more screen space to a single app by dragging the divider with your finger.

LG G Flex tips n tricks how to guide


Clean up your notifications tab

The G Flex’s notifications tab is pretty busy, with tons of power options for quickly toggling Bluetooth, NFC and loads of other settings. You can scroll through the row by swiping left and right, but chances are you’ll only need a handful of quick-access toggles. Here’s how to edit what shows up.

LG G Flex tips n tricks how to guide

1. Scroll to the far right of the row, and hit the ‘edit’ button.

2. ‘Tick’ the options you want to show up – we’d recommend sticking with a few basic ones such as Wi-Fi and GPS, which you’re likely to use on a regular basis.


Fast access to music and video

A nifty little feature LG added last year was its new media bar, which pops up at the bottom of the screen when you slot in a pair of headphones. This gives you fast access to the music and video apps, very handy if you’re pounding the pavement at the time.


Call and message alerts

Always missing calls and texts when your phone’s sat in your pocket? Use the handy QPair app to get your phone and Android tablet communicating.

1. Download QPair onto your tablet, from the Google Play store.

2. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on both devices.

3. Run QPair on both the G Flex and tablet. On both devices, hit the options button in the top right and select the pairing option.

4. Hit ‘start’ in both apps simultaneously.

5. Once paired, you’ll receive call and message notifications on your tablet, so you don’t need to check your phone every five seconds. QPair will also allow you to decline any incoming calls (but of course you’ll have to dig out your phone if you want to actually answer).

LG G Flex tips n tricks how to guide



Bit of a random one, but if you want to take a group selfie using the rear camera, there’s a simple way to do it.

1. In the camera app, go to the settings menu and select ‘Cheese Shutter’.

2. Turning this setting on allows you to activate the shutter by yelling out a phrase – ‘cheese’ is the obvious one, but you can also use ‘kimchi’ – the delicious Korean pickled cabbage dish that’s a lot more tasty than it sounds.


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