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LG G2 Mini price tag not-so-mini

As well as inferior specs and a design that’s hardlies ‘mini’, the LG G2 Mini also looks to be vastly overpriced as European retailers post it at €349.

LG raised more eyebrows than smiles when it launched the LG G2 Mini earlier this year, thanks to the seriously cut-down specs and not-exactly-dinky 4.7-inch screen. Attitudes towards this mini mobile are set to sour further now the €349 price has been outed, a serious slab of cash for a simple smartphone.

LG G2 Mini price revealed


The trouser-browning price tag popped up this weekend on a couple of German online retailers, Saturn and MediaMarkt, and while of course it’s possible that the price will update before the LG G2 Mini’s release next month, €349 is looking like the grim conclusion. If this really is the case, we’re anticipating sales to be less than amazing.


We actually quite liked the LG G2 Mini when we had a play at MWC 2014, and anyone with smaller hands should get on with the smaller design, even if 4.7-inches is far from mini (that’s the same size as the original HTC One). The qHD screen is colourful and bright, but it’s also a significant drop over the LG G2’s 1080p display, while the processor and camera have also been downsized.

LG G2 Mini at MWC 2014, now priced at 350 Euros

The resulting phone appears to be a respectable entry-level handset comparable to the Motorola Moto G, or the Nokia Lumia 625 (both the G2 Mini and the 625 support 4G). However, at €349, the LG G2 Mini is hugely overpriced in comparison – that’s over twice the price of the Moto G, which boasts a sharper screen and similarly sleek design. You can also pick up the excellent Xperia Z1 Compact, the first mini phone to retain almost all of the original mobile’s specs, for just £100 or so extra.

If we hear any updates on the G2 Mini’s price, we’ll let you know – in the meantime, feel free to vent in the comments below.




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