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LG G3 tips and tricks

We really love the LG G3, a five-star smartphone that’s rammed with a crazy amount of features. Check out our complete tips n’ tricks guide to see a few you might not know about…

If you’ve read our LG G3 review, you’ll know that it’s got more custom features crammed into its sexy faux-metal body than we could feasibly write about. So, we’ve chosen a handful of the most helpful,¬†stand-out features for this tips n’ tricks guide.

How to get the most from the LG G3 with our complete tips n tricks guide to features

LG G3 tip one: Stay secure with Knock Code

If you want to keep your private photos, contacts and other info safe and secure, set up a Knock Code to get into your phone. Here’s one of our LG buddies to walk you through it…

LG G3 tip two: Make notes on a call

If you’re on a call and you need to jot down some important info, for instance a phone number or an address, just lower the phone so you can see the screen (stick your caller on speakerphone so you can still hear them), drag down the notification tab, and tap the Quick Memo+ icon at the top. You can then scrawl on the screen with your finger and take any essential notes, then save them when you’re done.

LG Quick Memo tips n tricks guide how to make notes

LG G3 tip three: Share your phone about with Guest Mode

Your kids or other beloved family members keep nicking your phone? And worse, messing up your desktops and apps? No worries, just set up the LG G3’s Guest Mode, and they can piss around with their own separate desktop – complete with any restrictions you see fit, such as limited internet access.

Go to the settings menu, then scroll down to Guest Mode. Flick the virtual switch to ‘on’ and you’ll be asked to enter a new Knock Code, which takes the user straight into Guest Mode. You can then choose exactly which apps your phone hijacker can use, and even the wallpaper.

LG G3 tip four: Type faster with LG’s Smart Keyboard

Proprietary keyboards are usually a mixed bag, and some of them are downright bloody unusable. LG’s Smart Keyboard is a bit better than most thankfully, with a couple of handy features.

For a start, if you go into the keyboard settings (accessible by tapping the cog icon next to the space bar), you can change the keyboard height, position and layout to suit your particular typing style.


If you have predictive words turned on, you’ll see three suggested words pop up above the keyboard every time you start typing something. Usually you have to tap one to complete the word, but on the Smart Keyboard, all you have to do is flick your thumb up the screen towards the word you need. Handy if you’ve only got one hand free, to avoid fiddly reaching.

You can also swipe your thumb from the right edge of the space bar to the left edge, and you’ll bring up a precision cursor for jumping back through your message and correcting any mistakes. We don’t use this one too often ourselves, as we prefer just tapping around on the message itself, but it works reasonably well if you’ve only got one hand spare again.


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