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LG G3: All the facts UPDATED

LG’s new flagship G3 smartphone launched in the UK on May 27, and so far we’re incredibly impressed with this 5.5-inch mobile, rocking the world’s sharpest smartphone screen.

UPDATE We’re big fans of last year’s LG G2, a powerful flagship smartphone that boasted an incredibly crisp class-leading display, plus a bevy of smart and innovative features. That’s why we’re a wee bit excited about the new LG G3, LG’s follow-up flagship, which boasts the world’s sharpest phone screen and a brushed metal finish that looks suitably smart.

This article is a preview written before the official launch, so check out our full LG G3 hands-on preview, plus the full LG G3 features run-down, and comparison with other flagship phones.

LG G3 smartphone to launch in the UK on May 27, photos have leaked online

LG G3: Leaked photos

The LG G3 photos leaked online show a similar glossy plastic design to the LG G2, but with a few little tweaks. Once again the front and sides are buttonless, with the power and volume buttons housed ’round the back, just beneath the camera lens. The power button now appears to be round, with the volume buttons actually sunken into the surface.

You’ll also notice what appears to be dual flashes, one either side of the camera lens. It’s possible that one of them could be a sensor, but we’ll have to wait until May 27 to find out for sure.

A fresh photo showing a new metallic design has also just leaked via @evleaks. The photo, below, reveals a sleek aluminium body reminiscent of the HTC One M8. We’re hoping it’s real (usually the case with @evleaks), as the LG G3 would be a lot more desirable (and smudge resistant) with a metal coat.

Could the LG G3 sport a metallic coating?

LG G3: Leaked specs

A bunch of leaked presentation shots have revealed the LG G3 to sport an incredibly sharp 5.5-inch screen.

That 5.5-inch screen makes the LG G3 larger than the current range of flagships, including Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2, even though the display stretches from edge-to-edge to keep the phone from being too ridiculously enormous.

The QuadHD panel boasts an eye-popping 2560×1440 resolution, which makes this the sharpest smartphone screen around, with a frankly insane pixel density of 538ppi. Considering Apple’s iPhone 5s Retina screen is just 325ppi, that’s some seriously sharp tech – although we wonder if your naked eye will notice any difference.

Other specs should include a powerful processor (rumours pointed to an octa-core, but we expect a standard quad-core SnapDragon 801 for the UK market). Leaks also point to a 13-megapixel camera with laser autofocus and advanced Optical Image Stabilisation, plus a 2.1-megapixel selfie cam with gesture shutter.

There were rumours of a fingerprint scanner too, but with no sign of one on the leaked photos, we expect that to be reserved for a future phone such as the G Flex 2.

We’ll be reporting live from the official LG G3 launch on May 27, so check back then for the full UK specs, price and release date.


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