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LG G4 might be plastic after all, and it could be a killer flaw

Rumours regarding the LG G4 finally sporting a proper metal frame have been rife of late, but all that talk of a non-plastic design for LG’s latest flagship may have been a tad premature. And with rivals turning to premium materials, maybe the G4 could be dead before it even launches…

According to fresh reports emanating from Seoul, LG’s G4 will be made out of plastic just like the LG G3 and previous LG flagships. These new rumours claim that LG isn’t currently in a position where it can mass produce metal bodies and despite actively looking to invest in newer production technology, it won’t be able to deliver a metal smartphone quite soon enough for the G4.

Interestingly, sources claim that LG will be ready by year’s end however, so the company may well roll out a brand new, top flight smartphone or phablet rocking a metal case before 2015 is over. Rumours have indicated that a new premium phablet, dubbed the G4 Note, could be the chosen device.

Despite the LG G3 having a plastic body it was, and is, a very solid and attractive device. And even if the G4 did have a plastic case, we’re sure that LG will pack in a great many awesome features to try and appeal to consumers.

However, as Samsung seems to have realised after pumping out a glass-and-metal flagship Galaxy at long last, people aren’t exactly thrilled by the idea of dropping £600 on a plastic smartphone any longer. Sure, when they were cheaper it was something that could be written off against the devices’ internal smarts, but now that Android phones are rocking Apple prices, people expect Apple premium.

As good it could turn out to be, a plastic LG G4 – now that rivals such as Sony, Samsung and HTC are using premium materials – could see LG slip even further behind the pack.

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