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LG G5 vs Sony Xperia Z5 hands on | MWC 2016

LG’s G5 feels like a beast, but how does it compare to the Sony Xperia Z5, one of the best phones of 2015? 

For our money, the Xperia Z5’s camera was one of the best featured on any phone from last year. In our multi-phone camera supertest, where we put it through its paces against the likes of the LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Moto X Style, the Xperia Z5 emerged as the best all-rounder

But while LG’s not upped its camera stakes in terms of megapixels here – the LG G5 packs a 16-megapixel sensor as did the G4 – it’s bringing and impressive new trick to the party. The LG G5 features a new wide angle shot mode which greatly expands the viewing angle of the camera module. You can see more of that feature in action right here – this hands-on video is all about comparing the look and feel of LG’s new kid on the block with Sony’s Xperia Z5. 

We’ve got all of the currently available LG G5 specs and price information here as well as details on Sony’s latest phones, the Xperia X and Xperia XA

Stay tuned for more hot hands-on action straight from the product booths of Mobile World Congress both here and on our YouTube channel

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