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LG gives Apple a sly kick in the gut with the new Optimus Pad video

This week so many new videos are being posted from phone-makers each day, that it’s hard to care or pay attention to most of them. The most recent one from LG showing off its first Android tablet, the Optimus Pad, did catch our attention, and then gave us a little chuckle.

Between the tilt-shift effect photography and spinning tablets with baffling specs, LG try to give Apple a rocket-powered kick in the guy- literally.

To show off the games high-speed loading and gaming prowess, a “Spec Fighter” mock-up shows the LG protagonist, Optimus pit his skills against a barely anonymous middle-aged, bespectacled and goatee’d fighter, called A Pad. (See what they did there?)

While the Optimus boasts dual-core above its name, the A Pad has just a single core. Bah!Starting the fight with an Optimus Pad strapped to its back, the Optimus is able to jet-launch himself into the air, and give the paunched, sluggish, yellow-trackied A Pad a good beating. Fight!


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