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LG gives the thumbs-up to fingerprint scanners

Following Apple and HTC, LG is set to add fingerprint scanner security to its latest batch of smartphones, starting with the G Pro 2.

Well, Apple, looks like you’ve kicked off a whole new trend yet again – and this time it’s mobile fingerprint scanners. LG is the next manufacturer to stick the miniature scanners on its smartphone tech, which sees you giving your phone the finger to get past the lock screen.

LG phones to feature fingerprint scanners

Korean website ETNews reported that the LG G Pro 2 will be the first to rock a fingerprint scanner. This 5.9-inch premium smartphone is the sequel to last year’s G Pro, a seriously powerful and feature-packed mobile that sadly didn’t hit UK stores, and we’re expecting to see it unveiled at MWC 2014 next month. Here’s hoping this one actually reaches Blighty.

Fast-forward to May and the new LG G3 flagship phone, a hotly anticipated release after the LG G2’s media success. The G3 should also come packing a fingerprint scanner, as well as a Quad HD screen and a super-powerful octa-core processor. Whether any further LG handsets feature the security device will likely depend on reaction to those two handsets.

Apple’s iPhone 5s wasn’t the first mobile device to feature a fingerprint scanner, but it was certainly the biggest, and general reaction has been very positive indeed. Sadly HTC’s effort on the One Max left a lot to be desired. Unlike Apple’s scanner, which had you placing your fingertip on the home button, the One Max version made you swipe your pinky across a rear-mounted reader. It was glitchy at best and a rage-fit-inducing nightmare at worst, often requiring ten or more frustrated swipes to register. Here’s hoping LG has more success – apparently the Korean company already tried to optimise the technology for the G2, but ditched the scanner from the final model as it was ‘unstable’.

In other LG news, we’re hoping to see the LG G Flex hit European markets next month, and it should appear on EE in the UK. The bendy G Flex boasts cool features such as a self-healing rear, as well as that nifty flexible screen which makes it more durable. Expect a full review soon.


Source: ETNews


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