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LG GT350 and GS290: Two new biscuity handsets

LG is providing a veritable biscuit tin of new handsets with two new additions to its Cookie range: the LG GT350 and the LG GS290. The company has been riding high on a wave of teenage-orientated success since the launch of the Cookie range and is hoping to build on the phenomenal success of the KS360 handset, which has sold over 5 million units worldwide.

The LG GT350 (right) is the successor to the KS360’s throne, featuring a superior full 3-inch touchscreen as well as the familiar slide-out Qwerty keyboard. This has also had a bit of an upgrade, featuring four luxurious lines as opposed to the KS360’s meagre three. LG knows what the kids want, and they want fast, easy social networking. So you’ll find information from multiple networks amalgamated onto one screen, as well as a direct access shortcut button on the keypad. The handset also features push email so no need to waste time feverishly checking for new messages every three minutes. The GT350 will be out in June, in four cheery colours – aqua blue, purple, silver and very serious black.

Also announced is the lower-spec, lower-price LG GS290 (left). Described as an affordable touchscreen, there’s not much more detail than that. It’ll feature a slide-out Qwerty as well as the touchscreen and comes with built-in applications for major social networks. The low-cost handset will be available in the UK from mid-March.

We’ll bring you news of pricing and network carriers as we get it.