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LG GW300: Talk to the Facebook

The GW300 is LG’s latest social networking phone which is aimed squarely at the Facebook crowd. The GW300’s wide candybar form incorporates a full Qwerty keypad and a 2.4-inch landscape screen. This should allow for a more natural Facebook experience as well as speedier typing than if you were using an alphanumeric pad or a touchscreen. A traditional five-way d-pad is also included for navigating the more typical phone features.

The LG GW300 comes with LiveSquare, a neat feature that’s also present on the LG GW520. This syncs your contacts with their respective Facebook profiles, allowing your favourite contacts to show up on your homescreen as their Facebook profile pictures. A dedicated app automatically displays Facebook status updates in real time allowing you to keep track of who wants to go the pub after work, or what people are listening to on Spotify.

The GW300 should appeal to those who want to be able to use Facebook on the go and use a full Qwerty but don’t require the push email functionality of a BlackBerry. Other specs of the LG GW300 include a 2-megapixel camera (no flash), a 3.5mm audio jack and a microSD card which can accommodate cards of up to 4GB in size. This will give you some extra room for pictures snapped on the camera destined for Facebook profiles – unfortunately there’s no 3G, so uploading directly from the GW300 could take a while.

No word about price or release dates just yet, but LG says that the GW300 will be available on Orange and O2 in vibrant red (pictured) and electric blue respectively.