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LG GW620: What’s in the box?

LG describes its GW620 handset as ‘The Friendly Smartphone’, thanks in part to its small stature and Android OS. We’ll establish just how friendly it is in our full review later this week, but read on for a first look at all its bits and bobs.

The standard gubbins come along with the GW620 – charger plug, USB wire, user manual and some cheap headphones that double as a handsfree set. Thankfully the handset has a 3.5mm headphone jack so you’re not stuck with these free cans. We’ve also got a recycling bag from T-Mobile in the box – so you can send back your old handset for recycling and get some cash for your trouble. This will only come with T-Mobile handsets though, of course.

The GW620 is quite a friendly looking phone, we’ll admit. Its dinky size doesn’t retract from the 3-inch touchscreen which is fairly sharp and nice to use. The hard Qwerty has a whopping five lines, which makes for a nicer typing experience than more cramped handsets in a similar league.

That’s a 5.0-megapixel camera up at the top, with a flash alongside it. In contrast to the shiny front of the phone, the back is a nice rubbery matt black.

The USB connection has a handy cover to stop it getting filled with bits of fluff, biscuit crumbs and whatever else you might have floating around in your bag or pocket.

On the other side of the handset, we’ve got a camera button and microSD slot, as well as a media player shortcut button.

The menu screens have space for a whole load of apps, all sectioned into handy sub-menus. You can, of course, download more from the Android Marketplace, and save your favourites to one of the three homescreens.

One of the GW620’s ‘friendliest’ features is its built-in social networking manager. You can add your Twitter, Facebook and Bebo accounts and keep track of them all through one dedicated app – which sounds nice in theory, but we quite like having dedicated apps for each.