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LG kicks off CES 2016 with new K Series smartphones

Back in 2013 we met the L Series and now LG is rather unsurprisingly updating its mid-range smartphone portfolio with the K Series at CES 2016.

Whilst the Las Vegas-based Consumer Electronics Show doesn’t formally kick off until January 6th, press get an early look at the new tech set to hit store shelves this year. In the smartphone space it looks as though Korean smartphone maker LG is first out the gate with the first two members of its new K Series handsets, in the K7 and K10.

Just as the numbering suggests, the K7 is the smaller and slightly more restrained of the two, with regards to performance, whilst the K10 edges toward phablet territory with its larger 5.3-inch display.

Specifications will vary by market.

  LG K7 LG K10
Screen size 5-inches 5.3-inches
Screen resolution FWVGA 720p HD
Rear camera 5/8-megapixels 8/13-megapixels
Front camera 5-megapixels 5/8-megapixels
Processor 1.1GHz/1.3GHz quad-core 1.2GHz/1.3GHz quad-core/1.14GHz octa-core
Memory 1GB/1.5GB RAM 1GB/1.5GB/2GB RAM
Storage 8GB/16GB 8GB/16GB
Battery 2125mAh 2300mAh
4G Yes (optional) Yes (optional)
Colours White, black, gold White, indigo, gold

As it often the case, with LG’s latest mid-range series, these handsets borrow aspects from the top of the tree; that is to say they adhere to design choices and other elements dictated by the company’s top devices – think the G4 and the V10.

Both handsets are said to pack pillowed ‘2.5D Arc Glass’ and soft rounding for comfort and style that adheres to the company’s pebble design language. Being LG handsets you’ll find all the hardware controls on the back and to offer improved grip both devices employ a woven pattern, which similarly to the V10, should make them easier to handle and harder to let slip from your fingers.

On the software side, beyond utilising an LG’s skinned take on Android 5.1 Lollipop, these handsets will also include gesture controls and front-facing flash options from within the camera interface.

LG K Series

As of yet we’re unsure as to whether these new K Series smartphones will be appearing in UK stores and how much they might perhaps retail for, but we’ll update this article should LG make that information available.


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