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LG Mini will feature three-way synching

As well as being one of the smallest full touchscreen phones around, we’ve just found out about one of the extra tricks the LG Mini has hidden under its bonnet: LG Air Sync – a three-way sync service that allows you to sync browsing history, contact details and pictures between your phone and computer.

It works in three different ways (hence the name). The History Sync function updates the LG Mini’s browser with the 100 most recent websites visited on your PC. So if you’ve spent the last five minutes in the office at I Can Haz Cheezburger, you can carry on looking at lolcats on the way home. You’ll also be able to sync contacts and calendar dates to your desktop, and move photos between the two as well.

Similar two- and three-way syncing fucntionality has been available for BlackBerry handsets and iPhones for a while now, but the LG says that its Air Sync technology marks the first time such functionality has been brought out in a low-cost feature phone.

The LG Mini is due to arrive in the UK in April – still no word on the exact release date, but we’ll keep you posted.


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