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LG Mobile launches mobile phone for the blind

Take a gander at LG’s Facebook page if you want a tale to tug at your heartstrings. The Korean manufacturer is offering up a batch of 2000 specialised phones, each designed for use by a visually impaired user.

The stylish LG-LU2700S clamshell doesn’t offer up any remarkable specs, but has been modified to primarily function through voice commands, allowing a visually impaired user listen to music, take a picture, place calls and easily interface with other fundamental functions on the device without the need for button pressing.

LG LU2700s

Even the user manual included has been written in braille, surely making this one of the most notable mainstream mobile devices for those with disabilities.

LG is giving away 2000 of the phones as part of the company’s donation program, so LG’s slogan of “Life’s Good” has been become more than just a tagline, resulting in a number of undertakings in varying fields. Donation programs such as this, are just one such aspect, with projects designed to combat cases of poverty, disability and even environmental issues.

Judging from the comments on the Facebook page, LG may need to make more than 2000, this phone already has a lot of interest.


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