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LG Nexus 5X revealed in phone case press images

Google isn’t set to launch the new LG Nexus 5X for a few more days but the phone has already been leaked to death, and now we’re seeing cases for the Nexus 5X prematurely appear online.

Google’s Nexus launch is scheduled for September 29th at 5pm UK time, where the mobile giant is expected to reveal two new handsets: the Nexus 5X, crafted by LG, and the larger Nexus 6P from Huawei. However, the two phones have already been heavily leaked online and now fully revealed in various press images.

The above shots are of the LG Nexus 5X, housed in two very similar transparent cases from manufacturer Ringke. The Rearth Ringke Fusion Google Nexus 5X cases wrap around the back and edges of the Nexus 5X whie leaving a space on the rear for the slightly-jutting camera lens and access to the power button.

Check back next Tuesday for our full hands-on Nexus 5X review and hands-on Nexus 6P review.


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