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LG Odin octo-core exposed

LG has announced that it has been busy crafting an octo-core chip under the all-inspiring, All-Father codename of Odin. Sound familiar? It should; Chinese mobile-maker, ZOPO, smacked the mobile industry upside the head just days ago with its own 8-core CPU — reportedly the first of its kind.

This Odin has eight chips on his shoulder...

Named after the almighty King of the Norse gods, the father of Thor and absolute ruler of Asgard, and not that wimpy dog from Garfield, Odin is expected to appear in the Korean creator’s next-generation range of flagship smartphones and tablets due next year, clocking in at an impressive 2.2GHz, according to the rumours.

Of course at this stage details are about as abundant as Joey Essex’s brain cells, but pulling together consistencies in the online in-the-know chatter it appears that the chipset will be composed of a big.LITTLE configuration from ARM. Far from being a desperately unfunny 70s/80s comedy double act, this setup will see a partnership of four Cortex-A15s handling the heavy lifting and four lesser Cortex-A7 processors, all working together to provide the power and enable any devices driven by Odin to have ample processing oomph available.

Set to be paired up with the Mali-T760 GPU to form a truly powerful alliance, LG’s move into processor self-sufficiency will mark an end to its dependency on the likes of Qualcomm and the American chip-shop’s previously preferred Snapdragon processor, and could be just the boost LG needs after losing its number three spot to Huawei in the latest market share report from Strategy Analytics.

That’s if the Odin revelations prove to be true, of course, and not just the stuff of myth…


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