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LG offers Knock Code access update for older models like the G2 and G Flex

Seeking to keep its smartphone consumers completely safe, LG’s latest innovation in smartphone access security, Knock Code, is set to become an essential update.

LG's Knock Code

There are many considerations when it comes to selecting a new smartphone – what size screen does it have, how many megapixels has its camera, how powerful is the processor and, well, you get the idea. But, oddly, one thing people rarely bother to ask about is what kind of security system said smartphone has to help keep out prying eyes and foil the light of finger.

PIN codes, of course, are the standard when it comes to most phones, with some now venturing into biometrics with fingerprint scanners, but just what is the most steadfast way to secure a smartphone? Well, there’s an excellent chance that it’s not scanning your skin, but the new Knock Code introduced by LG.

A feature that first appeared at the unveiling of the firm’s new G Pro 2 flagship handset last month, Knock Code is said to offer a level of security above and beyond all other code entry systems and even finger-scanners by offering owners the opportunity to create their own display tap-pattern from some 87,376 ‘knock’ combinations in order to access their phone; and let’s face it, any smartphone spy or swiper would have to be extraordinarily patient or phenomenally lucky to get past that.

So now, keeping current customers as well as future phone purchasers safe, LG has announced that Knock Code will become available on older key models via a firmware update set to start rolling out in April, with owners of the LG G2 and G Flex in “specific countries” being the first to benefit from the enhanced entry system. And even though we’ve yet to discover what the “specific countries” are, you can’t knock that… Ahem.



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