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LG Optimus 2X: What’s in the box?

We’ve already taken several pictures of the LG Optimus 2X from pretty much every conceivable angle. That said, we thought you’d like to see what else you get in the box, as well as the 2X itself.

You get a multi-part charger, consisting of a micro USB cable and a mains adapter unit, headphones, and a micro HDMI to HDMI cable. The former is used for charging (obviously) and connecting your 2X to your PC for file transfers/USB tethering.

The latter is what you’ll use to connect your Optimus 2X to an HD Ready TV or HD monitor, where you’ll be able to watch YouTube videos on a bigger screen, play games, view videos, pictures, emails, whatever you want. Basically use your TV as a secondary screen for your phone.

Also included in the box are some headphones and a wafer-thin instruction manual. The box itself is also rather pretty, a change from the usual boring white boxes that phones come in. Click through to have a closer look at What’s In The Box before heading over here to read our full review.

The USB wire, mains adapter and the 3.5mm headphones. We’re pleased to see that more and more phones are coming with these mutli-part chargers. It saves on clutter as you only have to carry around one thing with you.

The micro HDMI to HDMI cable. It’s fairly long (around 2 meters) giving you ample room to use your Optimus 2X as an ad hoc controller if you’re playing games and movies.

The micro USB and HDMI ports are located at either end of the LG Optimus 2X. This means that when you’re playing Dungeon Defenders on the big screen, you can have the charger plugged in at the same time.

The insides of the LG Optimus 2X, or rather where the battery, SIM card and microSD memory card all live.

Our 2X review model came with a Three SIM, but no micro SD card – the 8GB card pictured above is our own.

As we’ve said before, we normally don’t make a big deal out of showing off the boxes themselves when we do a WITB. But this one is rather nice so we have to applaud LG for presentation here.

It’s very compact with all the wires and the charger neatly packed in underneath. The frosted effect plastic makes the Optimus 2X look like its a fancy bottle of perfume. Or something.


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