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LG Optimus 3D 2 slimmer sequel in the pipeline: ETA 2012

The LG Optimus 3D is a chunky old phone make no mistake. Not ugly, unsightly and brickish by any stretch, but nowhere near as light and space-age feeling as the near-weightless Galaxy S2 either.

So its perhaps not much of a shock to learn that LG is working on a slimmer-profile 3D phone that may be ready for release next year.

Speaking to Pocket-lint, LG’s Dr Henry Noh, told them they’ll be focussing on slimming everything down for its next 3D phone.

“Everyone knows that’s this [LG Optimus 3D] is not the slimmest and sexiest phone on the street. We want to make it a little slimmer.

“These days, all the phones look the same. They have a huge screen – 4.3-inches is normal these days – and next year they’re moving even larger. And they have a fixed number of touch buttons. They’re the same thickness. They have the same camera. And even the same OS. It’s so boring.”

We’re definitely with Dr. Noh on all phones getting a bit samey. We’d like to see manufacturers taking more risks with how Android looks; HTC and INQ have shown what’s possible with some imagination and a good eye for design. Hopefully we’ll see doing a radical UI redesign; one that could build on the glass look of these 3D widgets.

Last week we saw HTC unleash it’s Windows Phone 7-running Titan which sports a 4.7-inch screen. Prior to the Titan’s official reveal, we’d also heard rumours of an HTC Android phone with an equivalent sized screen.

Recently we’ve also seen Samsung take the wraps off of it’s Note phone/mini-tablet; a hybrid offering which has a whopping 5.3-inch screen.

In our LG Optimus 3D vs HTC Evo 3D face off, we felt that it was the LG phone that provided a better experience from the 3D side of things, despite the raw specs of the Evo outgunning the Optimus in almost every corner.

No other spec was mentioned or outed by LG. So we’ve no idea what else we can expect besides a slimmer Optimus 3D. We’d hazard a guess and say that there’d be a bigger screen, at least 4.3-inches, maybe even 4.7? We liked that the original Optimus 3D came with 8GB of memory, so we’d like to see storage at at least this level, although 16GB would be ideal.


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