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LG Optimus 3D launches in Europe: UK release date- vague

Continually delayed, but still set to be the first glasses-free 3D phone to land in Blighty, LG has announced that their Optimus 3D will launch across Europe, but with an utterly vague release date of “over the next several weeks’.

Europe will leapfrog the US, and we’d expect the UK to be amongst the first countries set to sample the 3D goodness, though the vague month-spanning release date does match updated details from online retailers like Clove.

The Optimus 3D will be LG’s second dual-core smartphone, following the Optimus 2X, but will also packs a dual-lens camera, allowing you to create your own 3D content; that’s where the name comes from.

The technical innards include dual-channel, dual-memory helping to stream 3D content, like videos found on YouTube’s 3D channel. The LG Optimus 3D also arrives with a very cool 3D augmented reality browser, available from LG’s own app store.

We’ve got an experimental test model in the Recombu office, which, while a little bit rough around the edges, gives a hint of what the Optimus 3D will be capable of.

It’s reassuringly weighty in the hand, but cramming all that 3D tech into a phone remains an amazing feat. Expect a review from us ‘over the next several weeks.’


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