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LG Optimus 3Ds spotted for sale on eBay: Developers flog preview phone

It looks like several favoured developers managed to leave Google’s recent conference, Google I/O, with more than just a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

LG are rumoured to have handed over several Optimus 3D handsets, their unreleased glasses-free 3D phones, and some have already made their way to eBay.

None have arrived just yet in the UK site, although given the ever-growing top bids over in the US, it could be a matter of time. (At the time of writing, the top bid looks to be $830)

The sellers have even got the box signed by developers, though we’re not exactly sure whether that adds or subtracts to the value. We’re sure LG won’t be happy with those making a quick buck- most preview phones are tagged with their own unique ID.

The LG Optimus 3D is the next Android smartphone expected from the Korean giant, and the dual-core superphone is fast becoming a major target for portable 3D content, with deals already set to share and show 3D video on YouTube’s special 3D channel, and rumours of a tie-up with Sky to bring TV and Sport content to the Optimus 3D.

It also has a dual-lens camera allowing you to create your own 3D content; video can be recorded in either high definition 3D (720p) and 2D video at 1080p. Stills can also be recorded in 3D, while there’s yet another camera on the front of the front for video-calling.

When it finally arrives here in the next few months, it’ll be the first 3D phone to arrive in the UK, available on Orange, Vodafone and Three.


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