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LG Optimus Black: In-store release date ‘before 14 May’

The thin stylings of the Optimus Black seems to have got lost in the midst of white iPhone rumours, dual-core juggernauts and similar wafer-thin phones.

But it’s back, with – according to Pocket-Lint – a release date in the next fortnight. A product manager from LG said that it: “should be in stores by the end of next week”.

Although not a dual-core phone, like its Optimus brother, the 2X, there’s dual cameras and a vibrant NOVA display, which LG has said uses 50% less energy than a similar-sized (rival) AMOLED display when displaying full white.

LG’s Optimus UI 2.0 is also on-board, with several gesture-driven commands, allowing you to receive calls and take pictures without pressing a button.

Sadly it looks like it will arrive here with an old version of Android, Froyo (2.2).
LG have said there will be an upgrade to Android 2.3/Gingerbread is promised in the future.

UK phone networks who’ll be stocking the Optimus Black include Orange and T-Mobile– but no news on whether the other networks will stock the LG smartphone on release. Looks like we’ll hear more in the next few weeks.


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