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LG Optimus G2 coming later this year

A lot of love has been sent in the general direction of LG and Google for bringing the affordable yet powerful Nexus 4 into the world, but not nearly enough attention was given to the phone’s inspiration, the Optimus G. LG is going to take another stab at the market with the sequel to the phone, letting slip yesterday that an LG Optimus G2 is being developed for release later this year.

Won Kim, head of mobile communications at LG says that the next version of the Optimus G will be “something different and something unique.” Nothing was revealed in the way of specs, but you won’t be seeing a device as large as the 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro or Galaxy Note 2. The handset will most likely fall somewhere in the range of 5-inches instead.

Kim also went on to talk about the competitive UK market, a sector that LG has failed to crack so far. Speaking to TechRadar, Kim says that the market as it stands is “a two-horse race” between Samsung and Apple. The company is pushing ahead despite the difficulties in securing a foothold, saying that it should soon be the number three company in the UK.

Still, that didn’t stop LG from disparaging competitors like Sony and HTC. “We are different from brands like Sony or HTC. So we are the true competitor of our neighbour … our strategy is to never forget that phones are connected devices,” said Kim In Kyung, head of LTE research.


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