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LG Optimus One hands-on

This is the Optimus One, the latest Android phone from LG. It’s a low cost handset and the first Android phone from LG to come with a capacitive touchscreen. It runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) and comes loaded with a customised sat-nav system that runs on Google Maps.

As you’d expect the usual Android 2.2 accoutrements – Wi-Fi tethering, install apps to microSD, automatic app updates – are present and correct here.

The LG Optimus One is available now from T-Mobile, Orange, Three and Carphone Warehouse on contracts starting at £20 per month.

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The back of the LG Optimus One with the 3-megapixel camera and 3.5mm audio jack above. There’s no flash but the few snaps we took with the Optimus One at the event came out well in the ambiently-lit venue.

The volume rocker on the right hand side of the LG Optimus One.

A micro USB port for charging and other connections at the bottom of the Optimus One.

The pearly white insides of the LG Optimus One with a microSD card nestled in the top left. As it runs on Android 2.2 you’ll be able to store some of the apps you download from the Android Market onto the memory card.


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