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LG Optimus Pad hands on: 3D Camcorder and 3D Gallery apps in action

Our frustration at not being able to join in the Amazon Appstore party today was tempered by some good news. We were able to get some more hands on time with the LG Optimus Pad that we saw at Mobile World Congress and play around a bit more with that tablet’s stereoscopic twin camera set up

To clarify, this model is very much a prototype, i.e. not the finished product that you’ll see in the shops. We weren’t able to log in with our Google Accounts or download any apps from the Android Market.

But we were able to give those 3D cameras a whirl and have a go and shooting our own Avatar meets Dogme 95-style creations. James Cameron and Lars von Trier need not worry, at least not for the time being. But we’d thought we’d give you an idea of how the 3D Camcorder and 3D Gallery apps that come installed on the Optimus Pad work.

As you can see from the comparison shot above, it’s a little smaller than the original iPad. The LG Optimus Pad’s screen measures 8.9-inches across, compared to the iPad’s 9.7-inch screen. But we can safely say that you won’t need to do anything silly like shave the ends of your fingers off or anything like that.

The 3D cameras of the LG Optimus Pad recording in ‘Mixed’ mode. This is the default 3D recording mode that the camcorder app is set to when you fire it up.

Tapping on the left hand margin of the screen brings up a menu, from where you can select different recording modes such as ‘Anaglyph’ (aka red and blue) mode and Side by Side, which splits both of the camera feeds into two separate windows.

The on screen slider at the bottom of the screen allows you to adjust the depth of field of your recordings.

The 3D Gallery app allows you to watch your 3D creations back. You can switch between anaglyph/red and blue modes and mixed modes during playback using the slider over there on the left.

A handy help menu which offers info and tips on how to go about shooting 3D clips on your Optimus Pad. For those times when you just want to shoot plain standard old-school 2D video, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a mode that allows you to do just that.

Another shot of the back of the LG Optimus Pad with those twin cameras staring back at us.

This cover is easy to slide off and snaps snugly back into place. Nothing much more is hidden here other than the slot for the SIM card and some screws.


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