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LG Pocket Photo 2 is a case that prints phone photos on the fly

Want a case that also prints photos? Step right up and take a gander at the LG Pocket Photo 2.

LG has been demonstrating an updated version of its Pocket Photo smartphone printer that makes prints of the photos stored on your handset. The $149 case (ouch!) prints out 2×3-inch photos in less than a minute each. Replenishment packs of photo paper cost $15 for 30 prints, each of which gets an individual makeover on the way out the printer to add Instagram or Polaroid-like effects.

LG has shown off a new version of its Pocket Photo.

The LG Pocket Photo 2.0 has its own app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. With it you can crop your photo or make simple exposure tweaks and then beam it over Bluetooth or NFC to the Pocket Photo for printing. You can also add a QR code to your photo using the app’s built-in QR generator.

The printer uses ZINK which uses heat to chemically apply the image to the photo paper. However, it’s a power-hungry process. Several new photo filters and frames have been added to the latest version of the Pocket Photo. The printer is also 4mm thinner than its predecessor.

LG says the new version of the Pocket Photo will be able to last for a full 30-pack of prints before it needs to be recharged. In contrast, the original model typically ran out of power when you still had photos left to print. A side-effect of the ZINK printing process is that different effects are produced with each print because of the way the photo print is generated. Depending on how much image saturation results, ZINK printing can make for some fun and quirky effects.

The Pocket Photo 2.0 went on sale in China at the end of December and is set to launch in the US and elsewhere in the next few months. It will be offered in a choice of pink, ‘jewel white’ and lime yellow.  


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