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LG Pop: What’s in the box?

A touchscreen phone for those on a budget, the LG Pop GD510 is a smart little handset that won’t weigh you down. Take a look over the next few pages for a quick peek at the handset and accompaniments, then check back later this week for our full review.

So what is in the box? Well, it doesn’t look like much but the handset comes with the essentials: USB data cable which doubles as you phone charger when connected to the plug, user manual and LG’s headphones with proprietary connector.

The handset is a nice size for small people, with a 3-inch touchscreen to play with.

Quite a svelte little thing, the LG Pop is just 11.2mm deep. The button you can see there doubles as the camera shortcut when fully depressed, or opens the ‘Favourite Apps’ screen when pressed quickly.

The menu screen is quite busy, with an array of apps built into the handset. The glowing button on the bottom right of the handset is both the ‘select’ and ‘back’ button, depending on when you press it.

That’s a 3-megapixel camera you can see at the top there, sadly sans flash. The back panel is plastic but has a nice brushed-metal look and, of course, the cheeky LG logo winks at you from the bottom right.