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LG release Optimus 3D teaser. Funnier than you’d think.

Following on from Motorola’s intense teaser video for their Superbowl Xoom tablet advert, LG have got in on the act, with a booming, headline-making, spinning-in-space trailer for their recently confirmed Optimus 3D.

Starting with the news that the dual-cored Optimus 2X rewrote history, (hold on a sec, LG, we haven’t even got it yet) another “newspaper” jumps out: “ LG Continues Rewriting the History Yet Again.” Their grammar there, not ours.

“Something Bigger is Coming On Your Way.” Is that a badly-worded threat? No, but it is LG’s latest offering; their dual-camera, dual-cored 3D phone and the world’s first phone that allows to create your own 3D content. (We’re guessing that’s both photos and video.)

Given how much fuss LG made yesterday about the dual-camera features, it was odd to see that the floating phone featured was completely smooth on the back. See the picture above, we can’t see even one camera sticking out, let alone two.

The highlight of the video is the bombastic Hollywood blockbuster-style voiceover. Someone had to say those lines, and they really did it with gusto. Listen for yourself below.




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