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LG Town GT350: Qwerty keypad for social networking joy

So enamoured is LG with social networking (just like every other phone manufacturer), it has launched a whole new range of handsets focused on Facebook and Twitter and the like – the Town Series. The first iteration is the GT350, a handset which doesn’t look massively different from LG’s hugely successful Cookie range.

The LG Town GT350’s focus is squarely on social networking, so although it is 3G-less the Wi-Fi connection should come in handy for quick and easy uploading of pictures taken with the 2-megapixel camera. The handset is also rocking a full four row Qwerty keyboard so tapping out those all important status updates will be much more convenient than on those pesky touchscreens.

LG has really put all its efforts into making social networking as easy as possible, so a live feed of all your networks is available, although there’s no push updates so you’ll have to tap the refresh button for the latest news.

With a 3-in WQVA screen and rounded corners the LG Town GT350 comes in a choice of four colours – aqua blue, purple, silver and black. It’ll be out on July 1st and we’ll bring you news of tariffs and pricing nearer the time; hopefully it’ll be towards the lower end of the scale.


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