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LG shows off crazy-expensive gold watch and roll-up keyboard at IFA 2015

The 23-karat Watch Urbane Luxe and a roll-up mobile keyboard were the stars of LG’s show at IFA 2015.

LG has already told the world about the 23-karat gold version of its Watch Urbane, nicknamed the Watch Urbane Luxe, but at IFA 2015 we had the chance to gawp at it behind a glass display. It may be pure decadence, but the Watch Urbane Luxe really is a gorgeous wearable, combining outrageous bling with some decent smartwatch tech. Hell, even the box is gorgeous.

The 23-karat LG Watch Urbane Luxe

Chances are you’ll never be able to afford the Luxe sadly, but don’t despair. LG’s more budget-friendly offering was its roll-up keyboard, a Bluetooth board that connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet for a more comfortable typing experience.

LG also unveiled the more budget friendly roll-up keyboard.

The roll-up keyboard is reasonably light and when folded up is basically a slender rod, making it quite easy to stuff into a decent-sized backpack. Unfold it and you have two little stands that pop out, to keep your tablet steady. You could fit a decent-sized phone into it too.

The LG roll-up keyboard in action.

The board is comfortable to type on, with proper feedback from the keys and all of the usual shortcuts. However, it’s not the kind of thing that you could rest on your knees, so it’s only going to work when you have a desk or flat surface handy.

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