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Hands-on LG X Screen Review and Unboxing

Our LG X Screen unboxing and first-look review shows you what’s inside the X Screen box, and our first thoughts after 24 hours of testing with LG’s new dual-screen cut-price smartphone.

The LG X Screen is one of the more interesting mid-range mobiles of 2016, packing the same dual display setup as the LG V10 from last year. This tiny second screen sits above the main display, offering up essential info such as time, date and waiting notifications when your phone is hiibernating, as well as shortcuts to your favourite people, apps and sevices.

LG X Screen unboxing

Here’s the moment we peeled open the X Screen’s box, for a first proper look at the handset.

Hands-on LG X Screen review

After 24 hours with the X Screen we see some real promise, although whether the phone is a Moto G beater remains to be seen.

Design-wise it’s similar to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy A5 handsets, with silver edging (plastic sadly, not metal) and a glossy rear. The difference in weight between the X Screen and Galaxy A5 makes it all too clear that LG’s mid-ranger is packed with plastic, but it still feels soidly constructed.

That second screen is a nifty and unique feature, giving you constant feedback and plenty of time-saving shortcuts without draining your battery life. Check out our in-depth X Screen dual display review.

A day of updates and constant play drained the X Screen’s battery rapidly, so the phone was on its last legs after roughly 12 hours. However, we’ll be testing out the X Screen for a few more days before our full review and expect that battery life to improve considerably.

So far the X Screen seems to handle everyday life without a struggle. Our benchmarking tests with AnTuTu threw up a modest 27279 score from the ARMv7 quad-core processor and we’re already using the phone as our personal handset, and so far it’s been a stress-free experience. Beyond the lack of 5GHz WiFi support (which occasionally makes for stuttery, janky downloading on our test network), it’s been as smooth as butter.

We’ll be bringing you our full LG X Screen review soon, so check back later this week.


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