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LG’s G-Slate (aka Optimus Pad) previewed in video

A video of the forthcoming LG G-Slate has surfaced on YouTube, showing off those rear-facing 3D cameras.

Called “rear facing stereoscopic 3D video recorders” in the video, the twin camera set up allows you to record images in 3D as well as full 1080p HD.

3D cameras aside, the video also gives us a close up of the G-Slate’s vital stats – there’s an HDMI-out port next to a micro USB, connection points for attaching docks, external speakers and a 3.5mm headphone jack. At the moment its looking like a giant Optimus 3D to us.

The LG G-Slate has only been confirmed for the US at the moment – the LG Optimus Pad is thought to be the rest-of-the-world edition of this.

The G-Slate supports 4G connectivity, which is available in the States, but not here. It’s likely that the Optimus Pad will be a spec-for-spec copy of the G-Slate, albeit sans 4G. LG haven’t commented on this, but it looks as though we’re going to hear some more about this at Mobile World Congress next week.


Source: YouTube via Engadget


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