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LG’s G Watch design steps out of the dark

The second Android Wear devices comes out of the shadows, giving us a better look at the LG G Watch.

If the mobile tech-making futurologists are to be believed (and they don’t tend be too off the target), sooner or later we will all be arming our arms with app-toting smart watches, tapping away at our wrist to access the internet and possibly even shouting at it in the street like a proper Dick Tracy.

LG's G Watch steps out of the shadows

Following the launch of Google’s Android Wear smart watch-centric OS last Tuesday, both Motorola and LG rushed to release news that each would be offering its own Android Wear-driven option the following day. Details as to spec and any special features were (and remain) the stuff of closely guarded secret, and although Motorola’s model, the Moto 360, was more than reasonably well represented in the images and accompanying video, LG’s G Watch was left to loiter in the shadows; until now.

Released today, at last LG (courtesy of its UK Twitter feed) has done the decent thing and produced a piccie that shows how its G Watch will look somewhere other than down a dark alley. So, what fresh info does this new image give us? Well, firstly that, whilst the Moto 360 has been designed to look more like a traditional round wristwatch which just so happens to do incredible things, the G Watch’s square screen design is indeed as 80s-esque as we initially suspected, imbuing it with a retro-watch style that’s bound to be a big hit with both hipsters and attention seekers alike.

With corners rounded off so as to stop it looking too angular, while we’re still in the dark as to firm facts, the new pic does at least offer more information about the actual inner-workings of the G Watch, in that it does feature full colour and not just the white-on-black display originally shown and, thanks to the image on the display, you will at the very least be able to have Hangouts always close at hand…



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