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LG’s Google TVs to feature L9 dual-core chip

First, the dual-core bug bit Android phones and tablets; now, a year on, the craze has spread to our TV sets as well. Announced at its keynote at CES 2012, LG revealed its own L9 dual-core chip that’s set to power its future range of Google TV sets.

Though exact specs are thin on the ground right now, we know that it’s a dual-core chip that has a quad-core GPU; as such we’re prepared to believe LG’s spiel of it being able to handle ‘enhanced 3D’ graphics.

Dr Scott Ahn, chief technology officer at LG said that the Korean firm has been been working on the L9 over the last “few years of development” that will see LG’s Smart TV’s move ahead, after “industry chipsets have held us back from providing high performance, until now.”

LG’s first Google TV, announced last week, is a 2D/3D hybrid that switches between display modes with the tap of a button. While the software might not be as up to date as Lenovo’s Ice Cream Sandwich-powered Google TV, LG’s move to bring more of the hardware in-house ought to make for a pretty streamlined performance.

Our only remaining question; when are we going to see quad-core L9 chips appearing in LG phones and tablets?

We were at the conference at Las Vegas, but you can catch up the whole speech over on LG’s Facebook page – the L9 chip is unveiled at the 15-minute mark, if you want to jump straight to it.

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